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Yellow Heart Print T-Shirt

   Express Yourself

Represent your togetherness with a unique visual representation, letting the world know you are a couple!
This year, instead of your last name or a number on the back of your t-shirts, you will submit a Hashtag (ex. #LoversPlay), 15 letters or less, that describes your partnership or relationship.   
*If you choose a t-shirt color (color choices below) or Hashtag that has already been selected, you will receive a message to make another choice.  

clever waiver.jpg

Love Games Waiver

Please be sure to read, review & sign the Clever Waiver prior to participating in the Love Games.

Click the Heart above to view & sign the Waiver. 

Thank You!

payment options






T-shirt Colors: Red, Royal Blue, Daisy Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Gray, Irish Green,
Neon Yellow, Royal Purple, Magenta, Mint Green, Carolina Blue, Kiwi Green, Ice Gray, Electric Green, Coral Silk, Berry, Sunset, Lilac, Garnet, Sky Blue 

          *Click on the yellow heart to get a visual of the colors listed above. 

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